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  • "The Farm," 1921-1922 (National Gallery of Art)

    'Ladder of Escape' celebrates the range of Joan Miro

    Of the three great Spanish artists of the 20th century — Picasso, Salvador Dali and Joan Miro — the first is a recurring subject of National Gallery of Art exhibitions, with seven shows in the past three decades. But while Dali awaits his turn, beginning Sunday Miro gets some overdue attention from the National Gallery in "Joan Miro: The Ladder of Escape," a major new exhibition of well over a hundred works spanning his long, productive life.

  • Judge Baltazar Garzon (center), considered a hero by human rights groups, leaves the Supreme Court in Madrid Tuesday, when he went on trial for exceeding his authority by investigating Franco-era crimes after amnesty was declared. (Associated Press)

    Spanish judge on trial for Franco-era crimes

    The Spanish judge who became an international human rights hero went on trial Tuesday for daring to probe right-wing atrocities surrounding the Spanish Civil War that may be linked to the deaths or disappearances of more than 100,000 civilians.

  • Spanish filmmaker Luis Garcia Berlanga dies

    A Spanish filmmaker critical of the military dictatorship under Gen. Francisco Franco and who was credited with helping to revive the country's movie industry after its civil war died Saturday.

  • from the cover

    BOOK REVIEW: 'Papa Spy'

    One of the many worries facing Great Britain's leadership in the opening months of World War II was whether Hitler-friendly Francisco Franco, the strongman leader of Spain, would eschew his declared neutrality and enter the war on Germany's side or, as a lesser evil, open his borders to the German military. In either event, the British could lose their naval facility at Gibraltar, vital to protecting access to the western Mediterranean. It is no exaggeration that the outcome of the war depended on keeping Franco neutral.

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