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  • **FILE** The Pentagon, across the Potomac River from Washington, is seen in this aerial view in March 2008. (Associated Press)

    Pentagon has spent billions on doomed programs; cash looms large with budget cuts

    The Pentagon has squandered billions of dollars over the past two decades on weapon systems it never produced and on rosy cost estimates that ballooned to sizes that ate up funds for other projects, according to government reports and defense analysts.

  • **FILE** Rep. James P. Moran, Virginia Democrat

    Army’s own data mining system fails test

    The Pentagon's top weapons tester has given a failing grade to the Army's premier battlefield intelligence processor, which troops in Afghanistan have criticized as being too slow and unreliable in sifting data to find the enemy.

  • Inside the Ring

    The Pentagon's senior weapons-buying official said this week that a program for purchasing offensive and defensive military equipment for cyberwarfare is still being worked on.

  • Inside the Ring

    The Pentagon is investigating the joint avionics venture between General Electric and a Chinese company that was linked in the past to U.S. arms proliferation sanctions.

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