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  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Douglass would abhor affirmative action

    In his July 9 column "A primer on race," Thomas Sowell uses Jason Riley's new book "Please Stop Helping Us" to make the point that governmental "affirmative action" policies hurt black Americans far more often than they help them.

  • BOOK REVIEW: 'Humility'

    Humility is a virtue that often gets a bad rap, especially when an unctuous hypocrite like Dickens' Uriah Heep lays claim to it. Moreover, living as we do in what David Bobb calls "an age of arrogance," humility can be seen as weak and passive, while "greatness seems strong and energetic — anything but humble." He quotes Muhammad Ali: "It's hard to be humble, when you're as great as I am." So, the basic questions are: Is it possible to achieve greatness, but be humble at the same time?

  • SIMMONS: Douglass deserves a part in the Lincoln story

    I tried to do what Steven Spielberg should have done, and that's channel Frederick Douglass for a view on Abraham Lincoln and the federal city.

  • A 7-foot bronze statue of abolitionist Frederick Douglass created as a gift to the U.S. Capitol from the District of Columbia is "homeless" because of a technicality: the statues in National Statuary Hall must originate in states.

    Bill OK’d to put statue of Douglass in Capitol

    For the District of Columbia, deprived of a vote in Congress, the U.S. Capitol remains a bitter place — but city residents finally are getting representation, of a sort.

  • House approves bill to move Douglass statue

    The House of Representatives has passed a bill that would move the District of Columbia's statue of abolitionist Frederick Douglass to the U.S. Capitol.

  • SIMMONS: Two steps forward, one back in racial progress

    America certainly is a house divided — and the irony is that we are divided because we have the right to exercise unparalleled freedom and the pursuit of happiness as we see fit for ourselves and our families, yet we view race as a divisive issue.

  • Ronald Moten (The Washington Times)

    IN OTHER WORDS: GOP switch stirs up Ward 7 race

    What do you get when you mix an incumbent D.C. Council member, the 26-year-old son of a former city lawmaker and an anti-gang activist who suddenly switches to the party of Ronald Reagan?

  • William Lockridge (Courtesy of

    SIMMONS: Lockridge an agitator who will be missed

    Unlike annoying activists who pimp causes for fame, political fortune or to rid themselves of spiritual guilt, William Lockridge long championed the need to develop human capital.

  • **FILE** Congressional pages carry boxes and envelopes containing the vote totals through Statuary Hall to the House floor, where Vice President Dick Cheney, in his role as president of the Senate, presided over a joint session of Congress to count the electoral vote. (Mary F. Calvert/The Washington Times)

    House panel approves adding D.C. statues in Capitol

    A House committee approved a bill Wednesday to add statues of abolitionist Frederick Douglass and architect Pierre L'Enfant in the Capitol's Statuary Hall.

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