Latest Freemasonry Items
  • AP Exchange: Quake safety concerns at UNR dorms

    The more than a century-old Manzanita and Lincoln resident halls at the University of Nevada, Reno are steeped in history, but their vulnerability in the event of an earthquake is causing some concern about the students who live in them.

  • Newspaper: Destroyed Oklahoma schools poorly built

    An upcoming report prepared for an engineering society will say that an elementary school destroyed by a tornado at Moore last spring was poorly designed and could have protected children better if it had been properly reinforced.

  • President Coolidge poses with an international delegation from the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, including John Henry Cowles, the sovereign grand commander, to the president's right. While not a Freemason himself, he was known to speak well of them. (Library of Congress)

    Masons make no secret of a desire for new members

    The Freemasons, the venerable "secret society" featured in blockbuster films "The Da Vinci Code" and "National Treasure," is back in the limelight — by choice this time — with a new attitude and a new marketing campaign to attract a new generation of members.

  • Charles "Coach" Oswald, leads the 1997 Montgomery County Recreation Department Junior-Tackle-Champions during a timeout at the Bauer Drive football field in Aspen Hill. Patrick Cannon, # 8, has his cleats cleaned by a teammate. (I am #55 with the sports goggles under my helmet.)

    CITIZEN JOURNALISM: Mason builds on new ideas

    Hard hat firmly adjusted on head and tape measure clutched tightly in hand, Charles "Coach" Oswald springs from his Ford pickup to confer with his second-eldest son, "Dubs" Oswald Jr., at the new Maple Lawn Farms housing development in Fulton, Md.

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