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  • Any day now, cicadas with bulging red eyes will creep out of the ground after 17 years and overrun the East Coast with the awesome power of numbers. (AP Photo/University of Connecticut, Chris Simon)

    EDITORIAL: The cicadas are coming

    They're almost here. With reports of sightings in Northern Virginia, the nation's capital is bracing for the inevitable return of the moulting, mating, singing cicadas.

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  • "Oddly, Northern Virginia in 1996 experienced large numbers of cicadas, while the District and Maryland had minimal numbers," he said. "Because emerging cicadas do not fly too far from their food sources [most trees], this described pattern during this emergence will probably be quite similar."

    EDITORIAL: The cicadas are coming →

  • Other neighborhoods will be hit hard, but fewer Brood II cicadas, as they're correctly called, may show up in the District of Columbia, says Gary Hevel of the Department of Entomology at the Smithsonian Institution.

    EDITORIAL: The cicadas are coming →

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