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    Gingrich: John Bolton will be my secretary of state

    Newt Gingrich promised conservatives on Tuesday he would ask former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton to be his secretary of state if he's elected president next year, according to several of those who met with him

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    Americans are taking it personally. Public rumbling has commenced over President Obama's public defense of the $100 million "ground zero mosque" project, despite the president's efforts to backpedal or control the political trajectory of his opinions.

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  • Gary L. Bauer, president of American Values, said that while a convention site is, in itself, a minor matter, it could hurt Republicans if it's a signal that the party is abandoning social conservatism.

    Social conservatives wary of RNC convention in Las Vegas →

  • "It is a huge mistake for the GOP at any level to run away from its support for legal protections for unborn children and support for marriage as the union of a man and a woman," Mr. Bauer said. "If Nevada is evidence of a trend, where the GOP holds its convention will be the least of its problems."

    Social conservatives wary of RNC convention in Las Vegas →

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