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  • A Pakistani firefighter tries to extinguish burning oil tankers after militants attacked a terminal in Quetta, Pakistan, on Wednesday, Oct. 6, 2010. Gunmen in southwestern Pakistan torched a dozen tankers carrying fuel to NATO troops and killed a driver Wednesday, police said, the latest strike against supply convoys heading for Afghanistan since Pakistan shut a key border crossing last week. (AP Photo/Arshad Butt)

    25 NATO fuel tankers attacked in Pakistan

    Gunmen torched more than two dozen tankers carrying fuel to NATO troops and killed a driver Wednesday, the sixth attack on convoys taking supplies to Afghanistan since Pakistan closed a key border crossing almost a week ago.

  • Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates is trying to limit reporters' access to Pentagon officials, both military and civilian. (Associated Press)

    Inside the Ring

    Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates' July 2 memorandum to all top Pentagon and military leaders is part of multiyear effort to tighten controls on information provided to the media by limiting reporters' access by officials, both military and civilian.

  • Inside the Beltway

    Sen. John McCain was in midsentence when Army Gen David H. Petraeus got woozy during an appearance before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday.

  • Lockheed Martin Corp. security personnel guard the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, a workhorse aircraft for the Navy, Air Force and Marines, which received the funding President Obama requested, as well as $465 million for an alternate engine the Pentagon does not want. (Associated Press)

    Defense bill comes at a price for taxpayers

    President Obama won most of his spending fights with Congress over the Defense Department this year, but it cost several billion dollars of taxpayers' money to buy legislative peace.

  • 3,000 Marines proposed for Afghanistan

    The Pentagon is preparing to send at least 3,000 Marines to Afghanistan in April to bolster efforts to hold off another expected Taliban offensive in the spring, military officials said yesterday.

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