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    In his autobiography, English man of letters G.K. Chesterton not only recounted the story of his own life, he also assessed the lives of his many friends and acquaintances in Edwardian-era London. At one point Chesterton, a champion of Christian orthodoxy, described his dear friend H.G. Wells, a lifelong skeptic, as a man who "was so often nearly right, that his movements irritated me like the sight of somebody's hat being perpetually washed up by the sea and never touching the shore."

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  • In this history of Republican politics and American history since the 1950s, Mr. Kabaservice describes in detail "the GOP's slow and painful transformation ... into an organization entirely dominated by ideological conservatives."

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  • Mr. Kabaservice indicates that he holds to an ill-defined idea of conservatism as a militaristic, nativist, tight-fisted "ideology" that is embraced by very bad people.

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