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    A few pages into George Packer's "The Unwinding," I was reminded of the closing scene in "Touch of Evil," the last Hollywood movie Orson Welles directed and starred in. Welles played Hank Quinlan, the fat, drunken, corrupt police chief of a small Texas border town. By the time it was filmed at the end of the 1950s, no padding or special makeup was required.

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  • He writes eloquently about the people folded into his narrative that, according to his publisher's blurb, is about the "[s]eismic shifts during a single generation [that] have created a country of winners and losers, allowing unprecedented freedom while rending the social contract, driving the political system to the verge of breakdown, and setting citizens adrift ... ."

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  • Part of what his book is about, Mr. Packer adds, "is what happens when there's so much freedom that people get lost," and — horror of horrors — "have to make their own way."

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