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  • BOOK REVIEW: 'The Man Within My Head'

    ''Greeneland" describes both the seedy locales where Graham Greene set many of his novels and the state of mind of many of his heroes: doubting, undeceived,living in foreign places in an eternal maybe.

  • A crime-comedy natural

    Seventy years ago, when reviewing a now-obscure British crime comedy titled "Gangway," Graham Greene called attention to a supporting player who had been actively shuttling between stage and screen since 1935. "It is Mr. Alastair Sim," he wrote, "as an insurance detective who really saves the film. Horrifying passions pent in his twisting secretive body, Mr. Sim always shatters illusion right and left. His acting, unctuous with nonconformity, demands other characters too that are larger than life."

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