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  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Paper firm should fix rain-forest practices

    Clearly, Aida Greenbury tried to defend Asia Pulp and Paper's "commitment to sustainability" by attacking the credibility of environmental groups, particularly Greenpeace, simply because she could not defend her company's destructive practices ("Greens tear into paper producers," Opinion, Aug. 17).

  • Illustration: Paper tiger by Greg Groesch for The Washington Times

    GREENBURY: Greens tear into paper producers

    The most activist nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) try to apply universal standards and unwavering timelines to every geography on the planet, to every company and every population, regardless of the stage of growth and development in which an economy finds itself. "Progress" is always dismissed as being too little. One moral standard and a single cultural behavior are expected, without regard to the diversity of people and rules of independent sovereign nations.

  • EXCLUSIVE: Bill requires doubling nuke use

    To satisfy House Democrats' low-cost solution to global warming, Americans would have to double their reliance on nuclear energy by 2030.

  • Nuclear energy presents promise, problems

    BOSTON (AP) — Nuclear energy is hot again as one result of the global warming issue.

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