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  • Suit says District ignores lead tests

    The D.C. government has been failing to comply with a federal court order to screen thousands of low-income children for lead poisoning, according to lawyers in the case.

  • Asian health care boosts Chindex

    Chindex International Inc. announced a contract last week to sell a da Vinci Surgical System to Queen Mary Hospital in Hong Kong in its role as the exclusive supplier for the manufacturer in China.

  • Regulatory folly vs. judicial whimsy

    The case of Abigail Alliance for Better Access to Developmental Drugs v. Eschenbach (Aug. 7) pitted regulatory folly against judicial whimsy. There, the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit rejected a constitutional claim by terminally ill patients of access to unapproved new drugs regulated by the federal Food and Drug Administration. The litigation corroborates German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer's lament that while God placed sharp limits on man's intelligence, the deity placed no corresponding boundaries on man's foolishness.

  • Firms dock pay of obese, smokers

    Companies seeking to cut rising health care costs are starting to dock the pay of overweight and unhealthy workers.

  • Biotech to bring home the bacon?

    Biotechnology is everywhere these days, from the production of pest-resistant crops to microorganisms that make biofuels to new drugs and vaccines. It's even used to produce animals with novel and valuable traits, but these applications in particular are suffering from inconsistent, uncertain regulation.

  • Forum: Healthy freedom of choice?

    In support of reader Terrence Watson's case in "'Sicko' in Canada" (Forum, July 29), here is my true story. It proves the importance of freedom of choice for doctors and patients.

  • Suspected new foot-and-mouth case probed

    LONDON (AP) — Prime Minister Gordon Brown said today that foot-and-mouth disease had been contained within a small area of England, despite tests for a suspected new outbreak in a herd several miles from the initial cluster of cases.

  • Correction

    The Washington Times incorrectly reported in yesterday's editions Giant Food's plans for the resumption of Peter Pan peanut butter shipments. Giant has not decided if it will sell the product, spokesman Barry Scher said.

  • Fight for PG hospital vowed

    (AP) — The struggling Prince George's County Hospital System is facing a much tougher year to get financial help from the state, Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown said yesterday, but he pledged to continue "our commitment to the survival of the hospital."

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