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  • Women get help with their hearts

    Lisa M. Tate wants the 8 million U.S. women living with heart disease to know they aren't alone.

  • New hospital leadership sought

    Prince George"s County Executive Jack B. Johnson says the county"s largest health provider needs to rid itself of mismanagement before it gets any more public subsidies.

  • Stop the gaming of the system

    How best to curb fraud and abuse in the Medicaid and Medicare programs? It's a multibillion-dollar question. State and federal prosecutors say they are bracing to crack down on the problem, and stepping up enforcement means increased resources.

  • Antiwar profiteering?

    Some of the politicians who propose withdrawing our troops from Iraq have an ulterior motive. They want to stop spending money on the military so they can start spending it on social programs.

  • Virtual stress aids Iraq veterans

    TACOMA, Wash. (AP) — Staff Sgt. Jeff Ebert's body flinches as a roadside bomb explodes near his vehicle. Smoke obscures his view. Gunfire rattles around him.

  • Brits rush to save livestock from outbreak

    WANBOROUGH, England (AP) — Britain raced to avert economic disaster yesterday by halting meat and dairy exports and the movement of livestock across the country after foot-and-mouth disease was found on a southern English farm.

  • For some vets, battles never end

    When Marine Lance Cpl. Jeffrey Lucey returned from his tour of duty in Iraq, he looked like a kid who lucked out. No visible wounds. But looks aren't everything.

  • Anemia drugs limited by CMS

    The federal agency in charge of Medicare dealt a blow to the drug industry this week by restricting the use of popular anemia drugs, considered by many to be over-prescribed.

  • Investigation sought over Medicaid plans' costs

    The U.S. Attorney's Office has been asked to investigate the findings of an internal health department review of two D.C. Medicaid health plans that found more than $15 million in excessive costs.

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