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  • Ore. hospital keeps missing man secret, cites law

    An 81-year-old Salem man was safe in a hospital while friends and police searched for him for two days this week after he disappeared from his home _ but medical workers wouldn't tell police that, citing a federal privacy law.

  • Report details flaws in Army's handling of PTSD

    An Army report released Friday finds the service still has trouble diagnosing and treating soldiers for post-traumatic stress disorder, despite more than doubling its number of military and civilian behavioral health workers over the past five years.

  • Damages awarded in J&J's DePuy hip implant case

    A jury Friday awarded $8.3 million to a former prison guard who accused Johnson & Johnson's DePuy Orthopaedics subsidiary of knowingly marketing a faulty hip implant that was later recalled.

  • Ore. hospital reviewing facts in missing man case

    A Salem hospital says it is reviewing the facts behind a decision not to inform police that a missing 81-year-old man was safe in the hospital while friends and police spent two days searching for him.

  • ** FILE ** In this July 27, 2011, file photo, a wounded warrior walks along a sidewalk at Walter Reed during the ceremony to "case the colors" as the wounded and the staff moved to Bethesda or Fort Belvoir. American soldiers "lost their arms and limbs, but thanks to you they never lost themselves." Secretary of the Army John McHugh told the staff. (Barbara L. Salisbury/The Washington Times)

    'Hidden heroes': Relatives caring for wounded soldiers 'toil in obscurity,' report says

    As many as a million Americans, almost all of them women, are caring at home for relatives maimed physically or emotionally during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to a new study Thursday.

  • **FILE** A medical marijuana plant is shown at the Northwest Patient Resource Center medical marijuana dispensary in Seattle on Nov. 7, 2012. (Associated Press)

    Marijuana vending machines may be coming to San Diego

    A company that makes medicine-dispensing machines, including ones for marijuana, hopes to open 30 such dispensaries in the San Diego area.

  • Cash can bribe dieters to lose weight, study finds

    Willpower apparently can be bought. The chance to win or lose $20 a month enticed dieters in a yearlong study to drop an average of 9 pounds _ four times more weight than others who were not offered dough to pass up the doughnuts.

  • Your chances of dying by 2023? Test offers a clue

    Want to know your chances of dying in the next 10 years? Here are some bad signs: getting winded walking several blocks, smoking, and having trouble pushing a chair across the room.

  • URIBE: Nurse refused to perform CPR to avoid liability

    I would dare anyone to find an American citizen who was not shocked by the emergency dispatch tape from the Bakersfield adult living facility released on Sunday. An elderly patient collapsed and was not breathing properly. The emergency dispatcher asked the nurse on the scene at the nursing home to perform CPR. The nurse replied, “Yeah, we can’t do CPR.” To hear an EMS dispatcher beg a nurse to do CPR on a woman is bad enough, but to hear the nurse refuse to do so without good reason is chilling.

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