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  • Chevrolet continues to support breast cancer fight

    Chevrolet and General Motors employees, dealers and customers are again uniting against breast cancer, hoping to exceed the nearly $1.1 million raised by the American Cancer Society in 2011 through Chevrolet's nationwide grassroots support of Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walks and other activities.

  • **FILE** A SARS patient receives treatment behind double-layer glass windows and strict quarantine measures at the Beijing Ditan Hospital in Beijing on April 13, 2003. (Associated Press)

    WHO urges docs to watch for new SARS-like virus

    Global health officials have alerted doctors to be on the lookout for a virus related to SARS but said there were no signs the disease was behaving like the respiratory syndrome that killed hundreds in 2003.

  • ** FILE ** Nurse practitioner Susan Brown prepares a flu vaccination for a patient on Friday, Aug.  27, 2010, in Rockville, Md. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

    This year's flu vaccine guards against 2 new strains

    Federal health authorities said Thursday that this year's vaccine contains protection against two different strains that have begun circling the globe.

  • Illustration Obama's Melted Ice Cream by John Camejo for The Washington Times

    HOWARD AND FEYMAN: Obamacare will end Medicare as we know it

    On the campaign trail, President Obama and the Democrats continue to insist that the administration's Affordable Care Act (the ACA, or Obamacare) does not hurt Medicare beneficiaries, rebutting the Republican charge that the ACA slashes $716 billion from the program.

  • Bizarre tumor case may lead to custom cancer care

    It's a medical nightmare: a 24-year-old man endures 350 surgeries since childhood to remove growths that keep coming back in his throat and have spread to his lungs, threatening his life. Now doctors have found a way to help him by way of a scientific coup that holds promise for millions of cancer patients.

  • Supporters of President Obama's health care law celebrate outside the Supreme Court in Washington on June 28, 2012, after the court's ruling was announced. (Associated Press)

    AP-GfK poll: Most see health law being implemented

    It still divides us, but most Americans think President Obama's health care law is here to stay. More than 7 in 10 say the law will fully go into effect with some changes, ranging from minor to major alterations, a new Associated Press-GfK poll finds.

  • Quitting driving: Families key but docs have role

    Families may have to watch for dings in the car and plead with an older driver to give up the keys _ but there's new evidence that doctors could have more of an influence on one of the most wrenching decisions facing a rapidly aging population.

  • Gene mutations blamed for many mental disabilities

    More than half the cases of severe intellectual disability caused by genetic defects are the result of random mutations, not inherited, a European study published Thursday suggests.

  • Knee replacements soar among US older folks

    Just like age-defying baby boomers, older folks have seen a surge in knee replacement surgeries, driven partly by a desire to stay active and by joint-damaging obesity.

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