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  • Playboy adds 'Runaway Bride' sticker to July issue

    Playboy is making a last-minute addition to the cover of its July issue after founder Hugh Hefner's fiancee called off their wedding. Chicago-based Playboy says it is affixing red and yellow stickers over the cover image of 24-year-old Crystal Harris. The stickers say, "Runaway Bride in this issue!" The 85-year-old Hefner announced Tuesday that the pair will not wed.

  • Hefner succeeds in bid to take Playboy private

    A partnership led by Hugh Hefner has succeeded in taking Playboy private.

  • Hugh Hefner offers to take Playboy private

    Hugh Hefner's offer to take Playboy Enterprises Inc. private drew the promise of a competing bid on Monday from the owner of archrival Penthouse magazine. That raises the possibility that Playboy's 84-year-old founder could lose control of the men's magazine he started more than half a century ago.

  • Bunny bid: Hefner offers to buy rest of Playboy

    Hugh Hefner wants to buy out the portion of the Playboy empire he doesn't already own in a bet that the iconic brand can still bring in profits even if the ink-on-paper magazine is past its prime.

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