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  • Ruling offers inmates rare chance at freedom

    DETROIT | The Supreme Court ruling that banned states from imposing mandatory life sentences on juveniles offers an unexpected chance at freedom to more than 2,000 inmates who have never been able to seek release and had virtually no hope that their prospects would change.

  • Former 'Goodfellas' gangster Henry Hill dies in LA

    Henry Hill spent much of his life as a "goodfella," believing his last moment would come with a bullet to the back of his head. In the end he died at a hospital after a long illness, going out like all the average nobodies he once pitied.

  • **FILE** Henry Hill, whose life as a mobster and FBI informant was the basis for the Martin Scorcese film "Goodfellas," sits Feb. 22, 2005, in the Firefly restaurant in North Platte, Neb. (Associated Press)

    Former 'Goodfellas' gangster Henry Hill dies in L.A.

    Henry Hill, who went from small-time gangster to big-time celebrity when his life as a mobster-turned-FBI informant became the basis for the Martin Scorsese film "Goodfellas," died Tuesday. He was 69.

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