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  • Mortgage Q&A: Lower rate not always better deal

    The calls are coming in. Calls from all of my refinance clients who patiently and politely have given Erin, my assistant, all the excessive paperwork needed to close their refinances. Of course, I get the calls:

  • Mortgage Q&A: Good time to buy, for right reason

    Q. I live in the District and have been renting for the past 10 years. I have never owned a home, even though I easily could afford a mortgage and down payment with my salary and savings. I read one of your columns a few months ago that said the timing was right to purchase a home. Do you still recommend purchasing a home, or should I continue to wait?

  • Mortgage Q&A: Appraisal can quash refinance

    One of the more unpleasant tasks of my job is to be the messenger when it comes to telling a homeowner that his property appraised for less than he expected during the refinance process. In many cases, a lower appraised value will result in a higher interest rate and sometimes will kill the deal.

  • Mortgage Q&A: Wiser after credit score hassle

    In March 2009 I shared my personal story of discovering an incorrect identity on my credit report. While applying for an equity loan, I discovered Transunion, one of the three national credit reporting agencies, was reporting a different name under my Social Security number.

  • Mortgage Q&A: Red flags on refi offer justified

    Last week, I described a letter I had received from a mortgage company soliciting a refinance. The letter was full of fancy calligraphy, color and exclamation points. At the bottom was a "Funding Voucher" designed to look like a check. Needless to say, my column suggested this form of solicitation was unethical.

  • Mortgage Q&A: Refi out of reach for many

    Mortgage rates remained astonishingly low this week, perpetuating the refinance boom that started several weeks ago. I've been in business for 18 years, and I have never seen rates as low as they are today.

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