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  • Hawaii House revives and kills GMO food-label bill

    An effort to require labels on genetically modified foods in Hawaii was brought back to life in the state Legislature, but it died in committee on Thursday almost as quickly as it was revived.

  • Hawaii lawmakers weigh killing invasive insects

    Hawaii lawmakers want to swat down a pair of invasive pests: the coffee berry borer and the little fire ant.

  • The Washington Times

    GOODLATTE: No command and control for the cows

    The House is expected to consider this week the reauthorization of the farm bill, a multiyear plan for the future of American farming. While much of the media coverage of the debate in the Senate centered on nutrition programs, an important battle is brewing in the House regarding dairy policy.

  • Four freshman lawmakers eager to cut government receive federal farm subsidies

    Last year, farmer Marlin Stutzman collected $30,813 in direct federal subsidies for his Stuzman Farms in Indiana and southern Michigan.

  • Farm bill has hard Hill row to hoe

    Congress is poised to punt on yet another major legislative matter, as hope is drying up for a new farm bill ahead of an end-of-month deadline, increasing the likelihood the measure won't be done until after the November elections.

  • Illustration Farm Bill by John Camejo for The Washington Times

    KING: Flood prevention for the Missouri River

    As the House Agriculture Committee debated amendments late into the night on the 2012 farm bill, a major victory was won for increased flood protection in a region of the country that few in Washington even knew was flooded last year. Most people outside of the Midwest do not know that the Missouri River swelled to 11 miles wide and swallowed up huge swaths of farmland and stretches of a major interstate during horrific flooding last summer.

  • Rep. James P. McGovern and other Democrats failed Wednesday to persuade the House Agriculture Committee to reverse its cuts to food-stamp spending. Cost has increased, he argued, "because the economy is in bad shape." (Associated Press)

    Democrats' bid to undo food stamp cuts fail in House panel

    The House Agriculture Committee refused to reverse any cuts to food stamps as it worked its way through a major new farm bill on Wednesday, rejecting two amendments to soften the cuts and accepting just a handful of other changes as lawmakers pushed ahead to prepare a bill for a full House vote.

  • **FILE** House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio speaks June 28, 2012, on Capitol Hill in Washington. (Associated Press)

    Compromise in Congress very unlikely

    Republicans and Democrats in Congress who congratulated themselves for passing relatively routine legislation before July 4 are returning to the Capitol for a summer stocked with political show votes and no serious role for bipartisanship.

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