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  • Gen. David H. Petraeus (center) arrives on Capitol Hill on Wednesday to testify before the House Armed Service Committee. (Associated Press)

    Aid targeted for nations that 'don't like us'

    Seeking to shut off federal aid going to foreign countries that "don't like us," a Texas Republican congressman said Wednesday that lawmakers should vote separately on funding for every foreign nation receiving taxpayer money.

  • Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who heads the House Foreign Affairs Committee, sees U.S. contributions as "our strongest leverage." (Associated Press)

    Lawmaker wants to set terms on U.N.

    Arguing that the United States can no longer blindly turn over billions of dollars to the United Nations, members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee said the new Congress should withhold contributions to the global body until it adopts serious reforms.

  • **FILE** Chinese President Hu Jintao

    Lawmakers rip reception for China's visiting president

    As Chinese President Hu Jintao lunched Wednesday at the State Department on a sugar plum-themed menu, members of Congress expressed concerns that the leader of an unfree country would be feted so lavishly.

  • Embassy Row

    Latin trade crucial

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