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  • **FILE** Secretary of State John Kerry (Associated Press)

    Kerry takes stiff stance on Iran's nuclear program

    Secretary of State John F. Kerry struck a tough note Friday on Iran, saying that there is still a chance for diplomacy but that the administration is "prepared to do whatever is necessary" to deny the regime nuclear weapons.

  • This undated image taken from video broadcast on Iranian state television purports to show a U.S. drone landing in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Iran's state TV has broadcast footage on Thursday, Feb. 7, 2013, allegedly extracted from the advanced CIA spy drone captured in 2011, the latest in a flurry of moves from Iranian authorities meant to underline the nation's purported military and technological advances. (AP Photo/Iranian state TV via AP video)

    Iran claims it extracted footage from downed U.S. drone

    Iranian state-run television has aired footage it claims was extracted from a CIA drone its military supposedly downed and captured on Dec. 4, 2011, near Kashmar, about 140 miles from the border with Afghanistan.

  • ** FILE ** In this Friday, Feb. 3, 2012, file photo released by an official website of the Iranian supreme leader's office, Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei waves to the worshippers, in front of a portrait of the late revolutionary founder Ayatollah Khomeini, before he delivers his Friday prayers sermon, at the Tehran University campus, Iran. (AP Photo/Office of the Supreme Leader, File)

    Iran rejects direct nuclear talks with the U.S.

    Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, is saying 'no' to any direct talks with U.S. leaders over the nation's nuclear program.

  • Illustration by Donna Grethen

    BECK: Obama's last chance to stop Iran

    A perfect storm is motivating Iran’s sudden sprint to nukes. Tehran declared last week that it will now use up to 3,000 IR-2M centrifuges, which can enrich uranium at about quadruple the speed of Iran’s current enrichment rate.

  • Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, center, waves to Egyptians worshippers in front of the shrine of Imam Hussein, the grandson of Islam's Prophet Mohammad, in Cairo, Egypt, Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2013. (AP Photo/Amr Nabil)

    President Ahmadinejad says Iran ready to wipe out Israel

    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Wednesday his nation is ready to storm Israel and "wipe it out" if it dares launch at attack on Tehran.

  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Disruptions could slow Iran’s nuclear march

    The Obama administration and Israeli leadership have stated adamantly that Iran's acquisition of nuclear capability is not an option. The most broadly discussed scenario is one in which Israeli military assets are used in a large, direct assault against Tehran's nuclear facilities and military installations. Notwithstanding this conventional thinking, it seems more likely that another strategy may be more effective and less horrific in the long run.

  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Obama’s dangerous disarmament dream

    Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. plans to discuss arms control with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov this month in Munich ("Biden to use Obama's postelection 'flexibility' on weapons with Russia," Web, Thursday). The postelection nuclear-disarmament flexibility promised by President Obama to Russia in an open-microphone gaffe in 2012 may now be realized. The way he would accomplish that is through a discussion with Russia. At the same time, Mr. Obama appears to be ignoring the nuclear buildup of communist China and North Korea, and radical Iran.

  • ** FILE ** A bombing targeted a bus full of Israeli vacationers at the Burgas, Bulgaria, airport parking lot on Wednesday, July 18, 2012. (AP Photo/Bulgarian Interior Ministry)

    Bulgaria links Hezbollah to bombing of Israelis

    Hezbollah was behind a bus attack that killed five Israeli tourists in Bulgaria last year, investigators said Tuesday, describing a sophisticated bombing carried out by a terrorist cell that included Canadian and Australian citizens.

  • ** FILE ** In this picture obtained from the Iranian Students News Agency, ISNA, the rocket dubbed "Pishgam," or "Pioneer," is launched, in an undisclosed location in Iran. A gray-tufted monkey strapped in a pod resembling an infant's car seat rode an Iranian rocket into space and returned safely, officials said Monday, Jan. 28, 2013, in what was described as a step toward Tehran's goal of a manned space flight. (AP Photo/ISNA, Mohammad Agah)

    Iran vows man in space by 2018

    The latest in a recent string of Iranian announcements on its space program came Tuesday, when the country vowed to launch an astronaut by 2018.

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