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  • ** FILE ** In this Monday July 7, 2014, photo, an Iraqi Army marching band performs at a funeral procession of a top commander of the armed forces at the headquarters of the Iraqi Ministry of Defense in Baghdad, Iraq. (AP Photo)

    50 bodies found in Iraq, raising sectarian worries

    Iraqi officials discovered 50 bodies, many of them blindfolded and with their hands bound, in an agricultural area outside a city south of Baghdad on Wednesday, raising concerns over a possible sectarian killing amid the battle against a Sunni insurgency.

  • U.S. climate change envoy Todd Stern said recent talks with China were "positive," but also said the two nations "talked a lot and agreed on little." (Associated Press)

    Inside the Ring: Hot air in Beijing on climate change

    Senior Obama administration officials this week trumpeted bilateral climate change talks with the Chinese in Beijing — one of the world's most polluted cities.

  • Iraqis sign up for military service to help battle an al Qaeda-inspired militant army intent on capturing Baghdad International Airport and eventually the capital itself. (Associated Press)

    Islamic militants aim to take Baghdad airport

    The al Qaeda-inspired terrorist army in Iraq ultimately wants to capture Baghdad International Airport and begin a campaign to destabilize neighboring Jordan, an important U.S. ally, analysts say.

  • FILE - In this Thirsday, June 19, 2014 file photo, Palestinians watch a World Cup football game on a wide screen on the beach of Gaza City. Politics and conflict are never far from soccer in the Middle East, but this year's World Cup has been entangled with unprecedented sectarian violence and soaring tensions between Arab countries, pushing fans to watch matches in secret or even on a channel owned by region's number one enemy _ Israel.(AP Photo/Khalil Hamra, File)

    Arab football fans turn to Israel TV for World Cup

    With the World Cup in faraway Brazil coming at a time of unprecedented sectarian violence and soaring tension in the Middle East, some Arab football fans have been reduced to watching matches in secret or even - and this is where it gets complicated - on a TV channel owned by Israel.

  • ** FILE ** Omar al-Shishani stands next to a group of ISIL fighters as they declare the elimination of the border between Iraq and Syria, June 28, 2014. (AP Photo/militant social media account via AP video)

    Chemical weapons now in ISIL's hands: Iraqi ambassador

    A letter sent to the United Nations by Iraqi Ambassador Mohamed Ali Alhakim pertaining to the takeover of a chemical weapons facility has been made public.

  • FILE  This Oct. 9, 2003 file photo shows soldiers from the U.S. Army's 720th Military Police Battalion watching as a mine sweeper look for weapons in a hole they dug during a raid on a farmland just outside Tikrit, Iraq. The Obama administration announced Friday that the US will no longer produce or acquire anti-personnel land mines and plans to join an international treaty banning their use.  (AP Photo/Karel Prinsloo, File)

    Iraq logistics contract goes on years after withdrawal

    It's been more than two years since the U.S. withdrew almost all military forces from Iraq, but the multibillion-dollar logistics contract to support American troops there will likely go on for the better part of another decade, records show.

  • Illustration on an emerging Kurdistan by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times

    ALMEMAR: Independence for Kurds on way

    "You must be living on another planet. That's wishful thinking," a colleague told me about three months ago when I told him that I was waiting for Kurdistan to become a country before taking the next steps of my career.

  • Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is shown in a video delivering a sermon Friday at the Grand Mosque in Mosul, Iraq. His sudden public appearance after years of building and running his militant operations from hideouts suggests growing confidence in his security. (Associated Press)

    ISIL leader emerges in sign of bravado as Iraqi government flounders

    U.S. intelligence officials confirmed Monday that the shadowy leader of a Sunni terrorist group wreaking havoc in Iraq made a rare public appearance in Mosul last week — a display that signals the militants' growing confidence in their gains even as the country's divided political blocs failed to reach consensus on a new government to counter the al Qaeda-inspired extremists.

  • ** FILE ** This image made from video posted on a militant website Saturday, July 5, 2014, which has been authenticated based on its contents and other AP reporting, purports to show the leader of the Islamic State group, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, delivering a sermon at a mosque in Iraq. (AP Photo/Militant video)

    U.K. engineering student now an ISIL terrorist: 'I was so happy' to join jihad

    An engineering student in the United Kingdom said he left his studies behind and went to join in the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant jihad because he felt the pull of his Muslim faith — and he's never been happier.

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