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  • 'New Girl' stars dish on shows' budding romance

    The recent, gasp-worthy lip lock between "New Girl" stars Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson was the juicy plot twist that both fans and the show's cast have been waiting for.

  • Improv-heavy 'Drinking Buddies' premieres at SXSW

    "Drinking Buddies" is a comedy about blurring the line between work friendship and budding romance. And when you work in a brewery _ and partake of your product as often as you can _ that line gets even blurrier.

  • 'New Girl' star to fans: enough with the man hugs

    Jake Johnson says the strangest thing about fame so far isn't seeing himself on TV in Fox's "New Girl," or getting recognized in the street. It's the number of men his own age who will ask for a photo with him alone.

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