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  • ** FILE ** President Ronald Reagan has a word in the ear of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher at a reception given by the British government at London's St. James's Palace for leaders attending an economic conference in 1984. (AP Photo, File)

    FEULNER: The real 'Iron Lady'

    Reading about Meryl Streep's preparation to act in "The Iron Lady" could lead one to believe that the real Margaret Thatcher was difficult to understand.

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American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees President Gerald McEntee, seen here addressing the union's convention in July 2008, heads the AFL-CIO's political committee.

    MURDOCK: Big Labor's big problem

    Amid Labor Day's parades and picnics, union bosses will bellow today about workers' rights and the alleged greed of management, especially inside Big Business. Such class-warfare sloganeering would be easier to stomach if Big Labor were internally consistent. Instead, when their own workers channel Norma Rae and demand better wages and benefits, labor leaders imitate union-busting robber barons.

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