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  • Sen. Rand Paul, Kentucky Republican, is calling for the GOP to adopt a more restrained and less interventionist approach to global affairs, and is embracing the sequester cuts to the defense budget that have military hawks in a tizzy. (Associated Press)

    Marco Rubio, Rand Paul differ on Middle East

    Sens. Marco Rubio and Rand Paul — in what could be a preview of a 2016 Republican presidential primary showdown — are staking out markedly different positions on U.S. intervention in the world, and particularly on American policy toward the Middle East

  • Afghans gather at the scene of an attack on a presidential adviser in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, on Aug. 2. CIA Director Leon Panetta said fewer than 100 al Qaeda operatives remain in Afghanistan, a number officials hope will restore American optimism in the ongoing war. (Associated Press)

    Low al Qaeda count stirs new war debate

    With the American public growing more pessimistic about Afghanistan, war proponents are renewing their case in the face of new estimates that say no more than 100 al Qaeda operatives remain in the country.

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  • "I think many analysts would not dispute or say they were surprised at the substance of the comments by the general and his staff," said James Jay Carafano, a military analyst at the Heritage Foundation. "Missing in the whole dust-up is that the significant flaws in the Obama plan — the unrealistic timeline and the fact that the White House gave the commanders less force than they thought was most prudent — are still sitting out there."

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  • "NATO fails and crumbles" and "U.S. prestige and credibility crumbles," Mr. Carafano added.

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