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    RAHN: Lessons from the states

    "Fiscal crisis hits the states," has become this year's most boring and repetitive headline. But what is largely overlooked is that some states are doing relatively well - such as my home state of Virginia - and are, in fact, balancing their budgets without draconian budget cuts or tax increases. What are the well-managed states doing right and the others doing wrong? And what lessons could those running the federal government learn from the better managed states?

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  • One of the vetoed bill's sponsors, Republican Del. James LeMunyon of Fairfax County, said he plans to reintroduce the bill next year.

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  • Mr. LeMunyon noted: "The Virginia House of Delegates has retained many of the good government procedures first set forth by Thomas Jefferson. As a result, Virginians benefit more from a government that is more open, honest and limited than citizens of many other states."

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