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  • BOOK REVIEW: Turning to founding document

    "American exceptionalism" has found one of its best explainers in James W. Ceaser. His "Designing a Polity: America's Constitution in Theory and Practice" is written with verve, erudition and a wide-ranging eye on the political world.

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  • "He may not get very much more of his agenda ... but in a way, he's made his mark, and all he has to do is protect it," said James W. Ceaser, a politics professor at the University of Virginia.

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  • "His next duty is to protect the change and hope that things turn around and that he can then say in 2012, 'Well see, I told you all along, and the 2010 election was an aberration brought by the fact that we didn't have enough patience.'

    In new game, protection may be Obama's strategy →

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