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  • Nikki Hemstad (center), a card dealer at Canterbury Park's casino in Shakopee, Minn., is back at work Thursday after the state government shutdown ended. Despite the resolution, Minnesota made no significant progress on its budget woes, leaving it on track to face the same deficit problems in two years. (Associated Press)

    Issues linger in Minnesota after shutdown

    The downside to Minnesota's government reopening, which creaked to a start in earnest Thursday: No significant progress was made on the state's massive budget woes, leaving lawmakers and taxpayers on track to face the same — if not bigger — deficit problems in two years.

  • Former vice president Walter Mondale announces Tuesday in Minneapolis the formation of a bipartisan committee to help Minnesota's Democratic governor and Republican Legislature put an end to the state's budget shutdown. "A spirit of compromise is necessary," Mr. Mondale said. (Star Tribune via Associated Press)

    Mondale steps into Minnesota's budget crisis

    It's Walter Mondale and Friends to the rescue in Minnesota, where the state's political elders have staged a third-party intervention.

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  • "I think they are truly divided, and it's not unlike the president and the national Congress," said Mr. Kiedrowski, who served as Minnesota finance commissioner from 1983 to 1987. "It really is a microcosm in what is happening nationally. I am struck by the similarities."

    Mondale steps into Minnesota's budget crisis →

  • He said he was pleased to serve but called the divisions within state leadership significant, noting he did not see things changing in the short-term.

    Mondale steps into Minnesota's budget crisis →

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