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  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ready for a libertarian awakening

    I agree with Jeffrey Miron, with a few qualifications ("A case for the libertarian," Web, July 17). As a Tea Party conservative, I oppose "crony capitalism," and given our recent history, I have become leery of foreign interventions.

  • Illustration: Obamacarter by Greg Groesch for The Washington Times

    EDITORIAL: Beyond waste and fraud

    Democrats are united in their fiscal message. Throughout the "cliff" negotiations and again with the pending debt-ceiling debate, their argument has rested on a single, flimsy premise: Cutting government spending would push the economy into recession.

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  • In a Cato Institute study released Tuesday, Harvard economist Jeffrey Miron argues slashing unproductive government spending and lowering tax rates simultaneously is the only way to achieve a brighter economic future.

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  • "This is not a cash cow that can solve anyone's fiscal problems," said Jeffrey Miron, a scholar with the libertarian Cato Institute who favors legalizing marijuana, yet still sees flaws with some tax revenue estimate, as Politico reports. "There is a lot of exaggeration about how big the revenue can be."

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