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  • Standing in front of an old steam locomotive at the California Railroad Museum in Sacramento, Calif., on Tuesday, Tom Unberg, chairman of the California High-Speed Rail Authority, discusses the system's 20-year, nearly $100 billion business plan. (Associated Press)

    California high-speed rail plan projected at $98B

    A business plan released Tuesday projects that the cost of California's ambitious plan to link its major cities by high-speed rail has ballooned to nearly $100 billion over 20 years, accounting for inflation.

  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Elder abuse insidious, has many faces

    I would like to commend Laurie Edwards-Tate for bringing to attention a problem that has affected nearly 1 in 10 aging Americans, according to statistics published by the National Center on Elder Abuse ("Stamping out financial elder abuse despite Jerry Brown's veto," Web, Oct. 19).

  • Gov. Brown signs bill to boost LA stadium plan

    The developer behind a $1.2 billion plan to build a football stadium in downtown Los Angeles got a key boost Tuesday with a law that will help it avoid lengthy court fights.

  • Gov. Brown signs bill to boost LA stadium

    California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a bill designed to boost developer Anschutz Entertainment Group's bid to build a $1.2 billion football stadium in downtown Los Angeles.

  • Whitman has hit rough spots in business, politics

    Meg Whitman may be best known as the billionaire Republican who spent nearly $175 million on a failed effort to become California governor, offering little insight into her motivation in the process.

  • Calif. lawmakers approve Amazon tax compromise

    Lawmakers on Friday sent Gov. Jerry Brown a compromise bill that delays California's effort to force online retailers such as to collect the state's sales taxes while retailers lobby Congress for national rules governing online sales taxes.

Jerry Brown, governor of California, says he still has time to get a referendum on the ballot in June to extend $9.3 billion in tax increases, the cornerstone of his effort to balance the state's budget.

    EDITORIAL: The California cut

    Nobody can reasonably question Gov. Jerry Brown's liberal credentials. While at the helm of the Golden State in the 1970s, Mr. Brown sabotaged the death penalty and pushed special privileges for homosexuals. He expanded benefits for union bosses and ran for the Democratic presidential nod three times. Now that he's back in charge of America's largest and most indebted state, Mr. Brown has actually cut spending. Why can't President Obama do the same?

  • Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell speaks at the annual Fancy Farm Picnic, Saturday, Aug. 6, 2011, in Fancy Farm, Ky. (AP Photo/Daniel R. Patmore)

    Inside Politics

    California Gov. Jerry Brown is calling for President Obama to respond to Republicans in what he calls "a very powerful way" during the upcoming presidential election.

  • Associated Press
Liberal California law professor Goodwin Liu, nominated Tuesday to the state Supreme Court by Gov. Jerry Brown, said he looked forward "to the opportunity to serve the people of California on our state's highest court."

    For failed Obama nominee, a consolation prize

    University of California at Berkeley law professor Goodwin Liu was nominated Tuesday to the California Supreme Court, a scant two months after his candidacy for a federal judgeship was derailed by Republican objections to his left-leaning legal philosophy.

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