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  • Dementia patients suffer dubious hospitalizations

    One-fifth of Medicare nursing home patients with advanced Alzheimer's or other dementias were sent to hospitals or other nursing homes for questionable reasons in their final months, often enduring tube feeding and intensive care that prolonged their demise, a new study found.

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  • "I think that's unfortunately a factor in what's happening here," said Dr. Joan Teno, a palliative care physician and health policy professor at Brown University. "A lot of this care just feels like in and out, in and out. You really have to question, is the health care system doing a good job or not."

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  • "These are people who are unable to recognize their relatives, they're bed-bound and they're now usually having problems with swallowing. This is a population where the burdens of hospitalization often outweigh the possible benefits," Teno said. "These patients actually do better when they stay in a nursing home,"

    Dementia patients suffer dubious hospitalizations →

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