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    Even amid the Washington Nationals' division championship season, there are plenty of Orioles fans still rooted in the area to enjoy Baltimore's even more improbable run to the playoffs. Naturally, some fans left once the Nationals arrived and many now cheer for both teams, but the Orioles are far from a forgotten team in Washington.

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  • "I don't know if validate is the right word, but it's certainly very rewarding to see them succeed now and know that I've gone to so many games," Mr. Domen said. "A little while ago, I just stopped trying to rationalize it and wait for the other foot to drop and I just started to have fun with it, and it's been a blast."

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  • "I feel like it's kind of a mixed zone, really," Mr. Domen said. "We're all kind of mingled and mixed together at this point. Yeah, some teams will cheer for both or at least make one team their second-favorite team. And as long as they're not playing each other, they're fine with both teams succeeding."

    Old Orioles fans have adopted Natitude →

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