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  • BOOK REVIEW: ‘The Racketeer’

    The new John Grisham novel gets three F's -- one for fascinating, another one for facile and a third for fun. In "The Racketeer," Mr. Grisham treats his legions of faithful readers to yet another sure-fire, hard-to-put-down, story-driven thriller. That he does not also provide the reader with the literary equivalent of an earth-moving experience is by this point in Mr. Grisham's productive, prolific career basically beside the point.

  • BOOK REVIEW: 'Calico Joe'

    One of the great taboos in baseball - at any level, from the sandlot to the major leagues - is the beanball. The game accepts the occasional brush-back pitch to keep a batter from jamming the plate, or to chastise him for showboating. A plink on the ribs or rear end is acceptable. But the accepted rule is firm: Do not throw at the head.

  • Surprise Kindle Single best-seller a 'Dakota Christmas' present for conservative writer

    As far as Christmas miracles go, it ranks somewhere between virgin birth and the Sisyphean persistence of fruitcake.

  • John Grisham talks of wrongful convictions in NC

    Best-selling author John Grisham lauded a commission in North Carolina that evaluates prisoners claims of innocence, and said Tuesday that it would be duplicated across the country.

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