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  • Unconventional election season

    What makes this presidential election different from all other presidential elections? And different from what we expected when the year began?

  • Clinton wins Kentucky, Obama piles up 'milestone'

    LOUISVILLE, Kentucky (AFP) — Senator Hillary Clinton scores a thumping win in tonight's Kentucky primary, and Barack Obama claims he had piled up a 'milestone' majority of elected delegates in the Democratic White House race.

  • Poll: Clinton bid driven by ambition

    More voters are likely to define Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton"s presidential bid as driven by ambition and power than those of both her Democratic rival and the presumptive Republican nominee, a new poll says.

  • Clinton claims Kentucky but Obama targets milestone

    LOUISVILLE, Kentucky (AFP) - Hillary Clinton scored a consolation win in today's Kentucky primary, but Barack Obama remained on course to surpass a milestone toward the Democrats' White House nomination.

  • Inside Politics

    Dream candidate

  • Striking out on energy

    President Bush and Sen. John McCain went to bat on energy policy recently. And guess what? They both struck out.

  • McCain's salute to checks and balances

    Sen. John McCain saluted the Constitution's checks and balances and repudiated multiple Bush-Cheney usurpations on May 15 in Columbus, Ohio. But whether the salute will prove more than a restricted railroad ticket good for this day and train only remains uncertain. McCain, nevertheless, deserves applause for spotlighting the greatest threat confronting the country: executive despotism facilitated by secret government.

  • Rhetoric and abortion

    Barack Obama received the endorsement of NARAL Pro-Choice America last week. Both the likely Democratic nominee, Mr. Obama, and the presumptive Republican nominee, John McCain, are flip-side versions of one another on the abortion issue: Each man's rhetoric (or lack thereof, in some cases) does not match his record.

  • Bush encourages probe of passport file snooping

    President Bush believes the unauthorized snooping into the passport files of presidential candidates should be fully investigated, the White House said yesterday.

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