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  • South Korean police officers spray fire extinguishers after protesters burnt an effigy of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and its flag during an anti-North Korea rally denouncing the cancellation of Koreas high-level talks in downtown Seoul on June 12, 2013. (Associated Press)

    N. Korea's talks offer just a fig leaf for China, analyst says

    North Korea's cancellation of a Wednesday summit with the South shows that the communist regime's commitment to the talks was fake, probably to ease China's participation in talks with the U.S. over the weekend, an noted Korea analyst says.

  • North Korean leader Kim Jong-un waves in this government-issued photograph.

    North Korea launches charm offensive, talks with South set for next week

    North and South Korea agreed in principle Thursday to hold their first official talks for several years next week, signaling a thaw in frosty cross-border relations after months of high-strung diplomatic tensions and military exercises on both sides of the divided peninsula.

  • South Korean protesters hold the pictures of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un during a rally in Seoul on Dec. 12, 2012, denouncing North Korea's rocket launch. The letters read "Out, Pro-North Korea politic." (Associated Press)

    China snubs Pyongyang by inviting S. Korean president to Beijing

    China has deliberately snubbed North Korea by inviting South Korea's recently elected president to Beijing, while officials hectored a high-level delegation from Pyongyang last week and issued no such invitation to the North's third-generation hereditary leader, Kim Jong-Un.

  • Kim Jong-un

    N. Korea 'snubbed' in Beijing, caves to Chinese demands on nuke talks

    A North Korean delegation to China appears to have been gently snubbed ahead of a meeting Friday with Chinese President Xi Jinping, according to one regional analyst, who say the visitors' treatment is part of Beijing's effort to reign in its troublesome, isolated and poverty stricken neighbor.

  • China declines to blame North Korea for recent tensions

    Chinese officials recently have called for an easing of tensions on the nearby Korean Peninsula, but have neither identified the North as an antagonist nor indicated they will pressure Pyongyang, which relies on Chinese fuel and food aid.

  • Models of a mock North Korea Scud-B missile (center) and other South Korean missiles are displayed at Korea War Memorial Museum in Seoul on March 17, 2013. (Associated Press)

    North Korea will test-fire missile soon in face-saving move, expert says

    North Korea has moved a missile to an east coast launch-site likely to test fire it -- allowing the regime in Pyongyang to save face if it is stepping down from its confrontation with the United States.

  • South Korean soldiers patrol along a barbed-wire fence in Paju, South Korea, near the border village of Panmunjom, on Sunday, March 31, 2013. North Korea warned South Korea on Saturday that the Korean Peninsula had entered "a state of war" and threatened to shut down a border factory complex that's the last major symbol of inter-Korean cooperation. (AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon)

    Greatest danger in Korea is 'miscalculation,' U.S. general says

    The greatest danger on the divided Korean Peninsula, where bellicose nuclear rhetoric from the North and muscle-flexing joint military exercises by Washington and Seoul in the South have ratcheted tension to a fever pitch, is that an accident or miscalculation inadvertently could escalate into an all-out war, according to the general commanding U.S. military forces there.

  • North Korean army officers rally at Kim Il-sung Square in Pyongyang. Tens of thousands turned out last week in support of the call to arms by their young and inexperienced leader, Kim Jong-un. Their military doctrine is "launch on tactical warning." (Associated Press)

    Rising tensions on Korean Peninsula risk accidental war

    ANALYSIS: The Pentagon said Monday that it was moving a guided-missile destroyer and a sea-based radar platform near North Korea's coastline to respond to any aggressive acts by the communist state, even as the White House said no changes have been detected in the regime's military posture despite its warlike threats.

  • **FILE** In this image made on Dec. 12, 2012, from video, North Korea's Unha-3 rocket lifts off from the Sohae launching station in Tongchang-ri, North Korea. (Associated Press/KRT via AP Video)

    China stops oil exports to North Korea, possibly as punishment for nuclear test

    China in February did not export any crude oil to North Korea, the first time exports have fallen to zero for a year, possibly as punishment for Pyongyang's nuclear test last month, Reuters news agency reported, citing customs data.

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