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  • A screen shot from the video game Homefront

    Military 'shooter' video games heirs to war films of yesteryear?

    Just as Hollywood has been inundated with movies about American military engagement in recent years, the game market has been crowded with war-themed shooters. But in sharp contrast to films like "Lions for Lambs," "Syriana," and "Redacted," military shooters have often been astoundingly successful.

  • Patrick Swayze, C. Thomas Howell and Charlie Sheen (from left) battled Soviet invaders in their hometown in the original "Red Dawn" released in 1984. The remake was set to have China invading U.S. soil but the invaders will now be North Koreans.

    Wolverines surrender to China?

    It was practically preordained that Hollywood would greenlight a remake of "Red Dawn." The new film is due out later this year, but MGM's attempt to retell the story in a post-Soviet world, this time with Red China as the aggressor, is already facing its own controversy.

  • Mad Men

    Culture Briefs

    "Religion never registered in this season's installment of 'Mad Men.' It didn't need to. The implications of faith, morality and Protestant privilege echoed through the episodes, delineating expectations about work and family, gender roles and even child-rearing," writes Diane Winston at the Scoop.

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