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  • Los Angeles County deputies shoot unarmed man

    Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies mistakenly shot to death a hostage who was fleeing from a knife-wielding attacker at a West Hollywood apartment, authorities announced Thursday.

  • Sheriff: Tempe climber killed by falling boulder

    A 66-year-old Tempe man was killed when a boulder struck him in the head while he held a rope for another climber rappelling on a cliff at Oak Flat campground east of Superior.

  • Interim LA County sheriff sworn in

    John Scott was sworn in Thursday as interim sheriff of Los Angeles County, two hours after Lee Baca stepped down as head of the nation's largest sheriff's department in the wake of a scandal over alleged jail beatings and corruption.

  • Supervisors name interim LA County sheriff

    An interim sheriff was appointed Tuesday to temporarily replace Sheriff Lee Baca, who retires this week amid allegations of deputy misconduct and abuse of jail inmates.

  • Old Orioles fans have adopted Natitude

    Even amid the Washington Nationals' division championship season, there are plenty of Orioles fans still rooted in the area to enjoy Baltimore's even more improbable run to the playoffs. Naturally, some fans left once the Nationals arrived and many now cheer for both teams, but the Orioles are far from a forgotten team in Washington.

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