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  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Who's the real traitor?

    Jonathan Pollard has had an arguable price exacted on his acknowledged and considered treasonous behavior. Meanwhile, President Obama gets to destroy America and the rest of the world with his own questionable acts of highly suspect executive impunity.

  • Jonathan Pollard, seen in 1998, was sentenced to life in prison in 1987 for providing classified information to Israel. Citing unidentified sources, an Israeli television station reported that Secretary of State John F. Kerry was offering to free Pollard if Israel released Israeil-Arab prisoners. (Associated Press)

    Justice Department's refusal to unseal records in Pollard case holds up parole for spy, lawyer says

    Attorneys for Jonathan Pollard are trying to win parole for the convicted spy, but say they're hamstrung by the Justice Department's refusal to unseal records they say could show his life sentence was unfairly influenced by anti-Israeli sentiments of a former Reagan administration defense secretary.

  • Obama heckler demands Pollard release

    President Obama was heckled Thursday during a speech to an audience that included scores of university students in Jerusalem.

  • Convicted spy Jonathan Pollard speaks during an interview at the Federal Correction Institution in Butner, N.C, on Friday, May 15, 1998. (AP Photo/Karl DeBlaker)

    Israelis plan to press Obama to free convicted spy Jonathan Pollard

    Israel's Nobel-laureate president, backed by thousands of followers, is leading an effort to press President Obama during his upcoming visit to free convicted spy Jonathan Pollard, ending one of the most painful episodes between the two allies.

  • World Briefs

    Pakistan's military chief is working to repair his army's wounded pride in the bitter aftermath of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, a humiliation that has strained U.S.-Pakistani relations and raised questions about the top general's own standing.

  • Obscuring facts in Pollard case

    As pro bono attorneys for Jonathan Pollard, we never cease to be amazed at how those hostile to Pollard feel compelled to invent facts. Evidently, these adversaries recognize that the actual facts are not sufficient to justify keepingPollard in prison any longer. Most recently, in the Jan. 5 issue of The Washington Times, Joseph DiGenova, the U.S. attorney who prosecuted Pollard, made false and inflammatory allegations inconsistent with, and in some respects directly contradicted by, the public court record ("Netanyahu seeks pardon for Pollard," Page 1).

  • Convicted spy Jonathan Pollard speaks during an interview at the Federal Correction Institution in Butner, N.C, on Friday, May 15, 1998. (AP Photo/Karl DeBlaker)

    Israeli prime minister appeals to U.S. to free spy

    Israel's prime minister made a public appeal Tuesday for the freedom of an American who spied for Israel, asking in a letter to President Obama for clemency after the spy has spent 25 years behind bars.

  • LIFE SENTENCE: Jonathan Jay Pollard pleaded guilty to spying in June 1986. (Associated Press)

    Netanyahu seeks pardon for imprisoned spy Pollard

    The White House is reviewing a new pardon request from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the case of former Navy intelligence analyst Jonathan Jay Pollard, who is serving a life sentence for spying for Israel.

  • **FILE**  Michael Oren, Israeli ambassador to the United States (AP Photo)

    Embassy Row

    Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren shocked legislators in Jerusalem and forced Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to correct his envoy in Washington after Mr. Oren appeared to be rewriting history this week in a 25-year-old Israeli spy case.

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