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  • Maureen McDonnell looks on as her husband, former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, made a statement on Tuesday after the couple was indicted on corruption charges. (associated press)

    Virginia executive mansion in disarray

    Emails between the administration of former Gov. Bob McDonnell and a consulting group show that things inside the Virginia executive mansion were in disarray long before an alleged gifts-for-influence scandal broke.

  • Paying: Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II says he has written a check to Cross Over Ministry for $18,000, the same amount he reportedly received from a businessman. (Associated Press)

    Kenneth Cuccinelli tries to shake scandal in Virginia with $18,000 donation

    In an abrupt about-face, Virginia Attorney General Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II announced Tuesday he's donating $18,000 to charity as reimbursement for gifts he received from a wealthy businessman — a gamble he hopes will put behind him a scandal that has weighed on his gubernatorial campaign.

  • Cuccinelli donates $18,000 — equivalent of gifts — to charity

    In an abrupt about-face, Virginia Attorney General Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II announced Tuesday that he's donating $18,000 to charity — the cash value of gifts he's received from the chief of a nutritional supplement company whose gifts and loans to the state's first family have prompted state and federal investigations.

  • McDonnell won't say if he plans to repay donor for gifts to wife

    Gov. Bob McDonnell says he has repaid $124,000 in loans from a wealthy Virginia businessman, but what remains unclear is whether the governor also plans to reimburse his benefactor for tens of thousands of dollars in gifts given to his family.

  • Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell is part of a delegation that traveled to Kuwait and Afghanistan this week to visit troops (Photo courtesy of the Department of Defense)

    Virginia Gov. McDonnell travels to Kuwait, Afghanistan

    Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell has put some distance between himself and a scandal involving gifts and loans from a wealthy Virginia businessman — about 7,000 miles — to visit troops in Kuwait and Afghanistan..

  • Gov. Bob McDonnell says he will automatically restore civil rights to nonviolent felons in Virginia on a conditional, case-by-case basis.

    McDonnell apologizes, repays Jonnie Williams' loan

    Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell on Tuesday said he had repaid with interest tens of thousands of dollars in loans given to him and his family by a wealthy businessman and for the first time he apologized for the "embarrassment" the ongoing scandal has brought the state.

  • Virginia entrepreneur caught in growing political drama

    Jonnie R. Williams' lavish gifts and his company’s generous political donations are at the center of a growing scandal dogging the state’s two top Republicans — Gov. Bob McDonnell and Attorney General Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II.

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