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    After he was wounded in Iraq, Joseph Bowser was told he could keep his right leg or have it amputated. If it were amputated, he was told, he would be able to keep doing all things he used to do.

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  • "I went out there and had an absolute ball," Bowser said. "Who would have ever thought? I just passed the puck around, having a good time. I would never guessed in a million years that I would be right here. To me, hockey season's all year long, so my wife calls herself a hockey widow. But I told her, when I'm on the ice, that's when I feel normal. I feel like everybody else. I play with two-legged people all the time."

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  • "So," Bowser said, "I guess I'm the only guy you're going to meet who had their leg amputated so I could play hockey."

    Wounded vets get boost to play hockey →

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