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    If Ulysses Grant was the prototypical Dwight Eisenhower, and if William T. Sherman foreshadowed Omar Bradley, then it is not too much of a stretch to call Philip Sheridan the George Patton of the Union armies of the Civil War -- minus the ego-driven tantrums.

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  • As author Joseph Wheelan, a journalist and seasoned military historian, describes Sheridan, "He believed ends justified practically any means, no matter how harsh.

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  • Yet, as Mr. Wheelan also notes, "One thread running through Sheridan's life was his readiness to defend what he believed needed protecting, utilizing every available resource. After fighting to save the Union, he defended black freedmen against ex-Rebels in Texas and Louisiana; settlers against pillaging Indians; reservation Indians against corrupt agents and contractors; and Yellowstone National Park against vandals, poachers, and corporate exploiters."

    BOOK REVIEW: ‘Terrible Swift Sword’ →

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