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  • BOOK REVIEW: 'One Souffle at a Time'

    There are many food writers in the English-speaking world who have made it their mission to bring French food back to their unawakened compatriots. Some, such as Julia Child, became media superstars. However, among them and animated by an almost missionary zeal, Anne Willan is unique.

  • Dinner guests could well mistake pureed parsnips for mashed potatoes. The trick is to save the liquid in which the parsnips are cooked, boiling it down until it becomes syrupy, then adding it back to the puree. (Associated Press)

    Pureed parsnips prove to be tasty faux mashed potatoes

    As a child, I never much cared for parsnips. My dad was wild about them, but I was unmoved, figuring that if they were white and ended in "-nip," they must be related to turnips. And I definitely was not a fan of turnips.

  • Julia Child foundation, oven-maker in legal fight

    A foundation set up by late chef Julia Child is locked in a legal fight with the manufacturer of Thermador ovens for touting her use of its high-end appliances.

  • Julia Child foundation, oven-maker in legal battle

    A foundation set up by Julia Child is locked in a legal battle with the manufacturer of Thermador ovens for touting the late chef's use of the company's high-end appliances.

  • BOOK REVIEW: ’Dearie’

    Bob Spitz, a journalist and celebrity biographer (think the Beatles), met and developed a self-described crush on Julia Child on a trip with her across Sicily in 1992. He was writing about her for several magazines, and nothing was off the record. "She was exactly like her TV persona: warm, funny, outgoing, whip-smart, incorrigible, and most of all real."

  • A week of `Bon Appetit' at nation's restaurants

    In honor of what would have been Julia Child's 100th birthday, it will be a week of "Bon Appetit" at restaurants nationwide.

  • At 88, cookbook legend finds new audience online

    At a time when overcooked spaghetti and Chef Boyardee defined Italian food for most Americans, Marcella Hazan dared them to try a bite of something new.

  • Chicken is slathered with mustard, white wine, and a scallion sauce that bakes during roasting. This French chicken dish take 90 minutes to prepare from start to finish. (Associated Press)

    Honoring Julia Child with a grilled French chicken

    When I was young, Julia Child was as much a fixture in my family's kitchen as she was on television.

  • Julia Child, a legacy of teaching the joy of food

    Massaging poultry, dropping food and utensils, and warbling her way through boeuf bourguignon and coq au vin, Julia Child left an indelible mark on American food.

  • BOOK REVIEW: 'A Covert Affair'

    At hand is a book that is a classic - and blatantly egregious - instance of a publisher pulling a bait-and-switch sting on an unwary reader. Judging from the title, one would assume it deals with the famed food maven and her husband. Well, one would be wrong: Julia Child is but a bit player in the volume, which is essentially the story of her Office of Strategic Services (OSS) colleague and longtime friend Jane Foster, a California socialite whose appetite for far-left causes led her to the fringes of - if not total immersion into - Soviet espionage.

  • BOOKS: 'Cleaving'

    As I beheld the spectacle of Julie Powell's life as rendered in her memoir "Cleaving," I couldn't help thinking of one of the priceless moments in that wonderful 1970s television program "The Mary Tyler Moore Show."

  • ** FILE ** Television cooking personality Julia Child prepares a French delicacy in her cooking studio in this Nov. 24, 1970, photo. More so than the tools and techniques she popularized, Mrs. Child's legacy may be her spirit and sense of humor. That was the conclusion of several chefs and food magazine editors asked to describe Mrs. Child's memorable contributions to American home cooking as a new movie about her life is about to open. (AP Photo/FILE)

    Julia Child's legacy, beyond tools and techniques

    From the time-saving tools and French techniques she loved to a famously dropped dinner, Julia Child left a lasting impression on a generation of cooks.

Palmier pastry tastes especially good with cinnamon and nutmeg after being baked for about 10 minutes.

    Puff pastry treats rise to the occasion

    In these times of lower budgets and sagging spirits, it's nice to know that one thing still rises to expectations - puff pastry. This buttery, flaky, multilayered dough serves as the base for such delectable sweets as turnovers, palmiers and napoleons (or, as the French refer to these cream-filled delights, mille-feuilles). It likewise acts as the enclosure for such savory foods as vol-au-vents, bite-sized bouchees and my own blue cheese puffs.

  • History, old favorites in collection of food essays


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