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    Present-day Vienna is one of the world's most beautiful cities. But its charms are those of a museum-cum-theme park featuring a talented repertory company, a place for visitors to soak up the remnants — musical, artistic, architectural and intellectual — of a splendid but moribund past. A century ago, even as the once-mighty Austro-Hungarian Empire began to disintegrate, Vienna was still a living center of culture and commerce, rivaling Paris, London and Moscow and, at least on the aesthetic and intellectual sides, far outshining its rival German-speaking capital, Berlin.

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  • Yet the incisive, acerbic and sometime hilarious words of Kraus, notably his outpourings in Die Fackel (The Torch), the one-man journal he printed intermittently from 1899 to 1936, have a lot to say to us today.

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