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  • Millennial women who marry younger are religious and see no reason to wait

    Although research says women are more successful economically and socially when they put off marriage, a small group of millennial women is bucking the trend with the idea that marriage is just as important as professional accomplishment.

  • 'War on women' could loom large in 2016

    Americans who grew weary of the "war on women" meme in the 2012 election may want to take a deep breath: The issue may loom even larger in 2016, an influential social critic told a Capitol Hill symposium.

  • BOOK REVIEW: Man down

    My favorite daily reading has long been of the obituaries of World War II veterans that are almost a daily feature in the London Daily Telegraph. For some years past, they have provided me a seemingly endless supply of fascinating stories about the often astonishingly courageous deeds of men who were decorated for valor in that war.

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