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  • This image made from amateur video released by the Ugarit News purports to show Syrian Brig. Gen. Abdul-Nasser Farzat, from the Aleppo Academy for Military Engineering, claiming to have defected. (Ugarit News via Associated Press)

    Syrian regime losing on the media front, too

    From the beginning of the Syrian uprising, the battle has been one of words as well as weapons and, as rebels strike ever closer to the heart of the regime, the state propaganda machine also appears under threat.

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  • "We sensed after a while that they were only exposing the names of the people they wanted to get rid of," Mr. Ali said. "They sacrificed some people to show that the Syrian regime is doing something, but if a journalist found out about corruption it was probably leaked from the secret service."

    Syrian regime losing on the media front, too →

  • Blaming Islamist terrorists instead of rebels showed that the regime has become more sophisticated in its propaganda during the uprising, said Syrian media critic Keenan Ali, who declined to use his real name out of fear of retaliation.

    Syrian regime losing on the media front, too →

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