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  • Snowden

    China fears: U.S. officials worry Edward Snowden will pass NSA secrets to Chinese

    The Pentagon is concerned that a former National Security Agency contractor who is now in Hong Kong will compromise top-secret electronic intelligence programs targeted against China, according to a defense official.

  • Pentagon forming cyber teams to prevent attacks

    The Defense Department is establishing a series of cyber teams charged with carrying out offensive operations to combat the threat of an electronic assault on the United States that could cause major damage and disruption to the country's vital infrastructure, a senior military official said Tuesday.

  • General says detection deters major cyberattacks

    Foreign leaders are deterred from launching a major electronic attack on vital infrastructure in the United States because they know such a strike could be traced to its source and would generate a robust response, the military's top cyber warrior said during congressional testimony Tuesday.

  • Cyber warfare rules still being written

    The Pentagon is still writing rules for combating cyberattacks, even though U.S. Cyber Command has been operating for more than a year, defense officials said Tuesday.

  • ** FILE ** Army Gen. Keith B. Alexander (Associated Press)

    Cybercommand chief opposes U.N. net control

    The commander of the U.S. Cyber Command said Thursday that he does not favor giving the United Nations the power to regulate the Internet.

  • **FILE** U.S. Army Gen. Keith Alexander (Associated Press)

    Computer-based attacks emerge as threat of future, general says

    The general in charge of U.S. cyberwarfare forces said Tuesday that future computer-based combat likely will involve electronic strikes that cause widespread power outages and even physical destruction of thousand-ton machines.

  • **FILE** U.S. Army Gen. Keith Alexander (Associated Press)

    Inside the Ring

    The commander of the new U.S. Cyber Command told Congress on Wednesday that threats of cyberwar continue to grow.

  • `Secure zone' suggested to counter computer threat

    The commander of the military's computer operations says the government should create a "secure zone" for federal agencies, financial networks and critical infrastructure.

  • "How do we develop the team between Department of Homeland Security, FBI, Cyber Command and others to work as a team to defend the nation in cyberspace?" asked Gen. Keith Alexander as he testifies on Capitol Hill on Thursday before the House Armed Services Committee hearing on cyberspace operations. (Associated Press)

    Gaps in authority hamper military against cyber-attacks

    The U.S. military lacks full authority to defend the nation from a major cyber-attack aimed at crippling vital computer networks in the civilian sector, the general in charge of the new U.S. Cyber Command told lawmakers Thursday.

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