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  • Amigo, a white robot the size of a person, uses information gathered by other robots to move towards a table to pick up a carton of milk and deliver it to an imaginary patient in a mock hospital room at the Technical University of Eindhoven, Netherlands, Wednesday Jan. 15, 2014. A group of five of Europe's top technical universities, together with technology conglomerate Royal Philips NV, are launching an open-source system dubbed "RoboEarth" Thursday. The heart of the mission is to accelerate the development of robots and robotic services via efficient communication with a network, or "cloud". (AP Photo/Peter Dejong)

    An Army of robots: U.S. general says that wave is on the way

    The U.S. Army is rapidly moving toward development of a more agile and quicker deploying force – and that includes the replacement of up to 1,000 infantry soldiers with robots and other unmanned technological devices, said Gen. Robert Cone, at a recent military symposium in Virginia.

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