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  • Mayor Vincent Gray, (D) and D.C. Fire & Emergency Medical Services Chief Kenneth Ellerbe awaitsgraduates of  Recruit Class 367 graduation at Gallaudet University in Northeast on April 17. Khalid Naji-Allah /Special to The Washington Times

    With Ellerbe's departure, interim D.C. fire chief will be left to 'manage the chaos'

    The chronically troubled D.C. fire department faces six months of temporary leadership after embattled Chief Kenneth B. Ellerbe announced Thursday he was stepping down from his post.

  • Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe said that if winds are 40 mph, first-responder vehicles, particularly ambulances, will not be able to safely travel on the roads. Currently there are hurricane-force winds, upwards of 75 mph, where the storm has hit in the Chesapeake region. (Barbara L. Salisbury/The Washington Times)

    Background checks stalled as firefighter arrests mount

    Nine D.C. fire department employees came forward in response to an agency call to report undisclosed prior arrests and driving infractions ahead of a plan to conduct criminal-background checks on 1,800 first responders.

  • Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe, through a spokesperson, declined to discuss the action taken against Battalion Fire Chief Kevin B. Sloan. (Rod Lamkey Jr./The Washington Times)

    Wells calls for resignation of D.C. fire chief, deputy mayor

    The D.C. Council member with oversight of the fire department on Tuesday called for the resignations of the fire chief and the deputy mayor for public safety and justice, saying the administration has failed to present a plan to address chronic troubles with emergency response.

  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: D.C. Fire Chief Ellerbe's sad stewardship

    Am I the only one who has read about one misadventure after another with the D.C. fire department? Am I the only one who is unable to fathom how Fire Chief Kenneth B. Ellerbe manages to keep his job?

  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Buck stops with Chief Ellerbe

    D.C. Fire Chief Kenneth B. Ellerbe is once again a day late and a dollar short ("No money sought for new firetrucks deemed 'oversight,'" Web, Dec. 4). His lack of foresight is reflected in the fact that he sought no money for trucks or ambulances in this year's budget. Chief Ellerbe continues to provide meek explanations and weak excuses when asked harsh and pointed questions regarding the matter.

  • Andrew Harnik/The Washington Times
"Every member of [the fire department] is held to a standard of performance, and those standards are universal," says Paul Quander, the District's deputy mayor for public safety and justice.

    D.C. fire chief in charge of fleet maintenance demoted

    A deputy fire chief appointed earlier this year to oversee the D.C. fire department's troubled apparatus division is being demoted to battalion chief after the embarrassing discovery that several ambulances were repaired with street signs.

  • Fire Chief Kenneth B. Ellerbe says the D.C. fire department will buy new ambulances and hire single-role paramedics to bolster response capabilities. A news conference with Mayor Vincent C. Gray at the Chinatown fire station Tuesday got testy as the paramedic plan runs counter to recommendations made years ago. (Andrew Harnik/The Washington Times)

    Cross-training put aside to hire paramedics for D.C. fire department

    D.C. officials on Tuesday announced improvements to the fire department that include the purchase of 30 new ambulances, the ongoing training of 60 firefighter recruits and the hiring of nine paramedics.

  • Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe touts his changes for EMS service as a way to provide better service, denying that it is for staffing or budgetary reasons. (Rod Lamkey Jr./The Washington Times)

    D.C. firefighter files assault report against chief

    A D.C. firefighter filed a police complaint accusing Fire Chief Kenneth B. Ellerbe of assault, pointing to an encounter last week when the chief showed up on the scene of an ambulance fire and grabbed the man's cell phone from his hand.

  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Blame fire chief for ambulance fiasco

    Folks in the nation's capital don't have to buy a ticket to the circus, because they are already getting a free show with the D.C. fire department's exhibition of mismanagement ("President's D.C. ambulance runs out of gas, with fuel gauge broken," Page 1, Aug. 13). It points straight to the source of the failures: Fire Chief Kenneth B. Ellerbe.

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