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  • President Barack Obama waved May 17 as he arrived to deliver the commencement speech during the 2009 graduation ceremony at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Ind. This Friday, he will address graduates of the Naval Academy. (Associated Press)

    EDITORIAL: The leaning ivory tower

    The left talks a lot about diversity and academic freedom, but it's rarely practiced. With rare exceptions, the ideological spectrum of the commencement speakers sending graduates out into the real world ranges from far left to even further left.

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  • Kevin Hassett, of the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank, warned that the longer lawmakers rely on deficit spending, the bigger the nation's fiscal problems will get.

    Storm relief sets up new spending without cuts →

  • "Democrats would clearly trap us in a cycle of dependency on Keynesian stimulus," Mr. Hassett said. "That cycle leads to financial ruin, and the sooner we start seriously pursuing real fixes, the better our chances of turning this economy around."

    Storm relief sets up new spending without cuts →

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