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  • Frederick, Md., deputy acquitted of assault

    A Frederick County sheriff's deputy has been acquitted on a charge of assaulting a man outside a downtown Hagerstown bar.

  • A day in the life of a Nevada mine blast crew

    Whether it's a surface pit or the underground, mines need explosives and people to handle them.

  • Illustration by Paul Tong

    BOVARD: A bitter lesson from 'the best and the brightest'

    The Boston School Committee announced last week that it will finally end almost 40 years of forced busing -- long after the policy effectively wrecked local schools. Forced busing in Boston and elsewhere presumed that schoolchildren are cannon fodder for the visionary schemes of judges, politicians and others. While the era of forced busing is coming to an end, politicians and bureaucrats retain far too much power over schoolchildren.

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